Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Attention: Social Commentary Alert

If you came to this blog not expecting social commentary, you didn't read the masthead very carefully. Anyway, as a native of Colorado and someone with a small bit of Native American blood flowing through my genes I have good reason to be embarrassed by "Professor" Ward Churchill. His idiocy has been so well-chronicled elsewhere that it almost doesn't bear repeating. All you really need to know about this loon is that he referred to 9/11's victims as Nazis and followed up that statement by concluding that more 9/11-style attacks may be "necessary."

I've always been an absolutist when it comes to free speech rights. But implicit in the right to absolute freedom of expression is the right to be a nitwit. Enter Churchill - the poster child for nitwit-ism in universities everywhere. His days suckling at the public teat, though, may be numbered. Not for what he said, but for several emerging examples of academic fraud. He may have parlayed questionable Native American credentials into a job as head of University of Colorado's Ethnic Studies department, for example.

While the tenured wheels of bureaucratic justice grind slowly and stupidly, feel free to write him off as an academic hack, teaching third-rate students at a second-rate university. A supperating, syphilitic pustule on the academic buttocks of the world, unworthy of the spotlight into which he's been thrust. Our republic will survive.

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