Sunday, August 14, 2011

Runs, Trains and Medicine Balls

Nice run this morning, along the river and through the woods, no Grandmother's house to be found.

Kept company by quacking ducks, droning cicadas, a long-legged Greyhound doggie and the irritating horn of a freight train making its way through town.

Man, what's UP with blowing your train's damn horn at every intersection? Ever hear of NOISE POLLUTION? Ever hear of a sleep-deprived citizen dragging your sorry ass outta your locomotive and going all "Hey Government! Regulate THIS!" on you? But I digress...

Finished up with core exercises using a 12-lb medicine ball and some stretching.

Now it's a triple-shot Redeye at my favorite coffee shop, hi-fi on the wi-fi, blogging, news-reading, working on various business ventures and watching the world go by. Wish you were here.

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