Saturday, August 20, 2011

Avoiding the Swim Freakouts

The NY Times weighs in on preparing triathletes for the "chaos" of open-water swimming. I've found that getting better at open-water swimming requires lots of, well, open-water swimming. You think there's some mysterious secret? There's not.

Long-time readers of this blog remember my rants about swim freak-outs and how they diminished only when I forced myself to race every two weeks all summer long - April 'til October. 15 races or so. I'll never be great but now my HR stays below 'aortic rupture' territory.

I'm fortunate to live near - and train in - Lake Michigan with its many moods - rip currents and 4-ft waves one day, millpond calm the next. Wetsuit: ON! Goggles: ON! Game: ON!

And if you're uncomfortable in the water, do yourself and other racers a favor: position yourself at the BACK of the pack (with me!) and maybe off to one side, not in the middle and certainly not the front.

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