Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Systemic Failures and The Spinning Thereof

So da Chicago Bears fired a few coordinators and position coaches. Now I'm watching a White House press conference re: airline security and how completely "on top of it" they are, determined to now "connect the dots."

Umm-hmm. As organizations, da Bears and da Feds have more in common than you might think, proving yet again that press conferences require a minimum of 6 people answering questions to come up with 4 working brain cells between them. Idiots.

Unlike the Feds, at least da Bears fired someone, though in typically Bearsian fashion, those getting axed are the flunkies charged with carrying out orders from dumbasses higher up the food chain. Thus far, said dumbasses have avoided any and all blame, having paid close attention at the Janet Napolitano School of Public Policy and Tactical Blame Avoidance, apparently.

At any moment I expect to hear from the Titanic's captain about that deck chair arrangement.

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