Friday, September 25, 2009

A Better Bike Fit Using Your iPhone

Yes, I drink Apple's Kool-Aid and consider my new iPhone about the coolest device EVAH!

Now, from the Interbike Blog ( comes word of a bike-fitting application for the iPhone:
"Testrides, developed by a company called Wildlab in Japan, uses the phone’s built-in camera to snap a profile photo of the cyclist’s body. With the photo on the screen, the user taps on the touch-screen to specify their body’s joint positions. The cyclist then can input the geometry specs of a particular bike from either a catalog or the manufacturer’s website to “model” it. The app puts the two together so that you can examine a “virtual fitting” to decide whether a particular bike, geometry or size works for you."
Eat your hearts out, all you Crackberry-heads! I'll post a review once I've tried it out, though I'm sure it'll tell me my current bike is all wrong. Ah well. I kinda knew that.

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