Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lance Armstrong Returning To Ironman Racing?

After winning the Leadville Trail 100, Lance Armstrong plots his return to triathlon racing.


Fred (aka ace) said...

I was wondering when that would happen... Things could get interesting if he actually trains to compete in the sport.

M said...

i figured so much at some point. but that's cool - i think it will be fun to watch him compete.

a couple weeks back, me and my family had this argument about who is the best athlete ever, and I suggested lance - primarily given that my belief that it would be near impossible to take any other athlete in the world and train them to do what Lance did in his career. my fiance intensely disagreed with this statement, and actually suggested it should go to a baseball player - because they can hit speedballs. my brother in law suggested it go to a football player. then there was the argument that it should be a multi-sport athlete.

that is all to say that I think it will be interesting to see how the (arguably) world's greatest cyclist would come out against the pros in this sport at the Ironman level. Could he win? Can he be a champ here too? Would that make him the best?

and most importantly - would I win this argument?

we shall see....