Thursday, June 25, 2009

RE: Michael Jackson, Stop It Already!

OMG. All the Michael Jackson ass-kissers are out in mega-force. If he's indeed dead as the tabloids seem to think, I'm truly sorry for him and his family. Really. Truly. But spare me the love and adoration. He'd long ago departed from any status deserving either one.

Roll the clock back 30 years and ask who the world will miss more: Farrah or Wacko-Jacko? Farrah, once considered frothy and superficial, went on to live her life with as much courage and grace as Hollywood these days allows.

Wacko-Jacko went...well, off multiple deep ends into the kiddie pools of life. Be sorry he's dead. Grieve what once was and what might have been. Lament a once-great talent sidetracked by weirdness and inexplicable behavior. But don't you DARE make him out to be something in death that he was undeserving of in life.

UPDATE: Jacko's will names entertainer Diana Ross as a successor guardian for the children and their estates if something happens to his mother, Katherine Jackson. I thought he WAS Diana Ross.

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M said...

ditto. you said it all.