Wednesday, April 08, 2009

What I'd Do About The Somali Pirates

So the Somali thug/pirates bagged another one, an American ship this time.

I dunno what's wrong with the world's navies. "Oh, the ocean's TOOOOO big! And the pirates are TOOOOO swift! We can't be EVERYWHERE!" Time to change tactics, dumbasses. Learning some history wouldn't hurt either.

In WW II, the Germans disguised "raiders" as peaceful cargo ships, flying the flags of neutral and allied nations. In reality these heavily armed warships roamed the world's oceans, preying at will on Allied shipping.

I'd follow the German model, were I in charge. I'd take 3 or 4 unassuming, otherwise unoccupied freighters, station on each 100 heavily-armed Special Forces bad-asses, and send 'em off to the east African shipping lanes. Somali thug/pirates, foolishly sensing easy prey and another big ransom, would be instantly liquefied. Blown to doll rags. Aired out, as it were.

Beyond the benefit of converting several dozen thug/pirates to squid food, there's the sense of caution such tactics would instill in all future terrorists. Spotting a ship, they'd be hard-pressed to tell whether the crew is a bunch of unarmed patsies or instant death.

That's how I'd handle it, were I in charge. I have no idea what the p*****s running this world will do.

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Spokane Al said...

It is my understanding that the private companies have specifically requested no military involvement in these hijackings. Instead the corporations felt the best solution was to pay ransoms as a cost of doing business.

That sounds a bit foolish to me. I prefer something along the lines of your solution.