Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just Another Blog Post About Wall Street...

...subtitled "Charles Darwin was a cold-hearted bastard."

Quite a sight, all those BSDs on Wall Street, twisting in the wind. A few years ago they were Captains Of The Universe, rich beyond Gatsbyian imagination, remaking the world's economy in their own cold-hearted image.

Buying companies, leveraging them up, abrogating contracts with pensioners and suppliers alike, gleefully reducing head-counts, extracting every last farthing of value...survival of the fittest, it was called. Natural selection. Economic Darwinism.

Greed was good. It was all good and, naturally, what was good for Wall Street was good for America. No matter the interim pain, so the story went, we were sure to be better off for their efforts.

But here's what the BSDs forgot about natural selection and survival of the fittest: as natural processes, they can cut BOTH ways - FOR you sometimes, AGAINST you others. The dinosaurs may have been king of the hill, but when the comet hit they were just more piles of stinking carrion, a little larger than the rest but every bit as putrid.

Nope, BSDs aren't liking natural selection much at all - now that it's THEM being culled from the herd. Even worse is having to watch their favorite (if least understood) analogy come back to bite their OWN ass. That sucks, but it's the price you pay when you use concepts you don't understand to describe processes you hope NOBODY ELSE understands.

Now I'm told that all the neo-populist rage is starting to...(Dare I say it?) ...hurt their feelings! OMG! Apparently we're kicking 'em when they're down. Makes 'em feel misunderstood and undervalued. Unloved, even.

The poor, poor dears. How stressful their lives must be. Maybe they can chill out with a good book tonight. I know one or two on which they could use a refresher course.

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