Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Oh What's The Use Anyway?

So I heard from a banker, taking me to task for the post (below) questioning their worth as objects of dating desire.  OK, I stand mildly corrected but mostly unrepentant!

And reportedly, January was The Great Suburban Outback's 10th coldest January EVAH!  Either the Goracle's gotta get way more specific about this global warming thing's timing or I may need to break down and buy more wool socks.

Finally, despite all the rapturous post-Super Bowl afterglow (or maybe it's the bean dip talking...), I found the game decidedly less than 'super.'  Let's see.  The Cardinals racked up over 100 yards in penalties, with 3 offensive holding calls against the left tackle alone...a former Bear, incidentally.

On the last play of the first half, their QB - a consensus 'sure-fire Hall Of Famer' - threw an interception which was promptly returned 100 yards for a touchdown by a big, lumbering oaf.  More evidence that it sucks to have no discernible running game, I guess.  And the Cards' defense couldn't hold a lead with less than 2 minutes to go in the 4th quarter. 

Sheesh.  If I wanted to see THAT I'd watch da Bears.


Spokane Al said...

Well, at least you were not complaining about the drummer in the half time show this year. I guess that is progress.

Vertical Man said...

Hey, Max Weinberg ROCKS! First of all, he plays DW Drums which as y'all know are THE ONLY drums to play. Second, he plays a little, tiny kit without a lot of frills or extraneous things, and he plays THE HELL out of it. Third, he keeps things simple, elegant and moving. That's what a great drummer DOES!