Saturday, January 03, 2009

What If They Gave A War and Nobody Cared?

I have no idea how to attain a Middle Eastern peace.  But I do know that, after raising four Tri-Daughters, the current Gaza scenario is eerily familiar...

"She hit me!"  

"Did not!"

"Did too!"  

"Well, she hit ME first!"

"Did not!"


"Did too!"






Right about now, unless someone was hemorrhaging blood (and maybe not even then), I'd stop caring who did what to whom, in what order.

Stop caring - maybe that's what the civilized world should do about combatants determined to shoot first while arguing incessantly over who shot first.  Maybe we should accept the region's low-level war-making and name-calling as endemic, permanent and unsolvable.  Maybe their self-identity NEEDS war the way adolescents need to be disagreeable.

Perhaps there's a foreign affairs version of locking 'em all in their rooms until dinner time so the planet's adults aren't forced to listen to more of their childish crap.  But until someone smarter than me figures out how to do that, I'm just gonna change the channel.


Elva said...

Maybe I should send your resume to Hillary. She might need your helpful insights...

Vertical Man said...

Oooh, THAT might be fun! Of course I already admitted I have NO idea how to solve the problem...though, given the State Department, I'd probably fit right in!

AmandaPanda said...

i resent that comparison!

Vertical Man said...

Hah! Uh-Oh! A Tri-Daughter heard from! She obviously remembers those long car trips differently than I do.