Friday, November 21, 2008

Sponsorships Idea

I ran across the following question today, posed in a Linkedin group:

"If there was an easy way for you to personally sponsor (say, $5 a month) an up and coming pro or top age grouper that was looking to go pro, would you? Sometimes when I read pro's blogs and read about financial struggles I want to help. I'm trying to gauge interest and to see if others also feel the same way, and if it was painless to sponsor someone, would you do it?"

I responded with this answer:

"Interesting idea, Mark! I guess I would kick some small amount of money in each month if the athlete's story was compelling enough.

"Take a look at Sellaband's web site for an analogy. Artists create a "profile" that appeals to "believers" who buy "parts" or shares in the artist for $10.00 each. Once the artist has raised $50,000 a recording contract is signed, etc. etc.

"The same marketplace could be established for athletes seeking sponsorship.

"If you don't mind, I'm going to post your question and my answer on my triathlon blog at

"Thanks for posting this interesting idea.

"Best regards,

"(Vertical Man)"

So, dear readers, what are your thoughts?

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