Thursday, November 06, 2008

Runners' Rage In the NY Times

"Police officers responded to an incident in April in Morris Plains, N.J., that began when a driver entered a crosswalk and blocked a jogger’s path. The runner retaliated, slamming his fist on the hood of the car, which prompted the driver to try to pin the runner against a parked car. The runner then reportedly struck the driver with his iPod — at which point the motorist reached into the back seat and pulled out a golf club."

So that's what we've come to as a society: iPods vs. golf clubs?  I guess it's better than guns.


Kona Shelley said...

Over at Slowtwitch, there is a story about a fellow who was confronted with a gun on the IMFLA course..just crazy!

M said...

my favorite are the bike vs. car fights. it really makes you wonder about some people.