Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What's Mine Is Mine; What's Yours Is Up For Grabs

The Messiah's campaign raised $150 million in September.  I think we should take, oh, about $50 million of that and give it to his opponent's campaign.

Ain't it a bitch when it's YOUR income being redistributed?

And, no, I'm not telegraphing who I'm voting for.


Anonymous said...

Income redistribution - hasn't that been tried with marginal/zero success somewhere else....hmmmm...where was it again?? Does history repeat itself? I certainly hope not.

Lynne said...

Mr. Obama might want to take into consideration that when you kill the host you also kill the parasite.

M said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! With all this poltical craziness right now, that was a nice, deep belly laugh.