Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm Dreaming Of A White Halloween!

The season's first snow is melting away and, as a confirmed wuss and "cold-weather outdoor ride avoider", I'm hauling the CycleOps trainer outta the box and setting it up.  Well, first I'm looking for all the parts and cables and such.

It's just one more confirmation that the outdoor riding season is over, for me at least.  I'm sure there are lots of you going "What's HIS problem, anyway? Get out there and ride!"   I'm cold, that's what my problem is.  Skinny and cold.


Lynne said...

Got your Christmas lights strung on your balcony railing yet....or do you need help getting those up?

M said...

Agreed. MY bike's been on the trainer for the last four weeks.

I truly am a sissy. I admit it.