Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Read The Paper So You Won't Have To

Scientists say peeling Scotch tape in a vacuum produces x-rays.  Maybe it's what these elevator buttons are made from.

Debating who's gonna pay for The Messiah's landing in Grant Park.  Trust me, it's gonna be you and me.  No need to debate the obvious.  (UPDATE:  a commenter took me to task for being a know-it-all (well, duh!) and for not trusting in The Messiah's campaign's promises.  We'll see about that.  And, as the article makes clear, I'm not alone in my concerns.)

Why are people stuck in chimneys usually naked?

A hospital billing error.  Go figure.

Rats.  This guy got my dream job.

I want one of these.  I'm such a dweeb.

And last but not least, I remember a time when 4 or 5 of us, work colleagues all, established a book club, hoping to read great books, think grand thoughts and have enlightened, spirited discussions.  It took protracted debate for us to agree on a "great" book to read (which shoulda been a tip-off now that I think about it...) When the dust finally settled we'd picked Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale."  

Blech.  The women in the group (i.e. all but me...) loved it, finding it profoundly moving and scary, a future foretold.  I found it poorly written, clumsily argued, hysterically over-wrought and just plain dumb.  We never read another book, at least as a group.  

But the NY Times must've liked the book (and Ms. Atwood's others) well enough; now they're providing a platform for her 'perspective' on the debt crisis, where, after rambling on about the Lord's Prayer and Emma Bovary's ignorance of double-entry accounting, she admits she "has no safe answers" except, maybe, a walk in the woods for the "common good."

More confirmation that I was right.


Anonymous said...

I was told to read an Atwood for a 400 level lit class. Suffice it to say that I read the dust jacket and was able to adequately contribute to the class discussion. sm

Vertical Man said...

Assigning Atwood for a 400-level lit class is just dumb. She's so transparently worthless that even a freshman oughta be able to figure it out. Of course we're all waiting for lit PROFESSORS to attain freshman-level intelligence.

Anonymous said...

"Debating who's gonna pay for The Messiah's landing in Grant Park", Mr. know-it all?

No need to debate the obvious - Trust me, YOU ARE WRONG - His campaign IS paying for it. Can you handle that??? PS stay off my grass.

Vertical Man said...
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M said...

You know who else held a rally in Grant Park?

The Pope.


Trust it, The Messiah knows.