Thursday, October 02, 2008

Getting Into The Zone

“At some level,” Dr. Joyner added, “everyone I know who has been a hard-core endurance athlete for many years is a covert religious mystic due to these types of experiences.”

I've been in that zone a few times - usually in half-ironman races -  and, yes, it's mystical.  Relaxation is indeed the key...easy to say, tough to achieve when you're working close to your max.  Yoga seems to help me address body balance and positioning issues that otherwise ruin what CoachKaryn calls "proud form."  Watch the great Ironman-distance athletes ride their bikes; notice how relaxed their hands are on their aerobars.

And, yes, I'm religious and a mystic, but hardly covert at all.

iPod Shuffle:  "Miserable Bastard" by John Popper, from "Zygote."  I've always thought of Blues Traveler's frontman as the 'Kenny G of the blues harp set,' where flash and style trump substance and where, if two notes are good, 25 are so much better. But, Holy Cow, this song rocks!  And "You're So Fine" by Little Walter, from "His Best."  And "Black Jack Blues" by Fleetwood Mac, from "Blues Jam In Chicago."

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