Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just Another Rainy Sunday Post

Substitute "Hillary Clinton" for "Sarah Palin" and "Arkansas" for "Alaska" and this article could've been written a decade ago.  Oh, wait, this is the NY Times. Whatever lefty loons do is irrelevant cuz they're really neato people who have all of our interests at heart, while conservatives are venal, self-serving double-dealers. Noooooh, Hill and Billary never rewarded friends and punished their enemies, no sireee.  How silly of me.

I drove home yesterday from two days in Chicago.  When I was out and about in the morning, the Interstate highway offering the most direct route between Chicago and the GSO had half its lanes closed due to high water.  By mid-afternoon when I got on the road all lanes in both directions were closed for nearly eight miles.

So I detoured to a county highway and spent a nice, rain-soaked afternoon meandering home through scenic lakeside towns, antique stores and wine shops.  I should do that more often - the meander, I mean, not the rain.  But I wonder what it says about our national infrastructure when a rainstorm closes miles of a major Interstate yet parallel local roads and county highways remain open and clear?  Your Federal tax dollars working hard at not working, I guess.

I think some community organizer should organize a community and solve the problem.  Know anybody?  The dozen or so brightly-attired highway workers sitting on the concrete median divider, smoking and laughing, sure didn't give a rats ass. 

No training today.  It's hard to bike or run when the rainfall is measured in feet.  I could swim in the pool but it's raining so hard I can't tell where the pool surface ends and the air begins.  So I think I'll watch da Bears. Parenthetically speaking, my God, is there a worse football commentator than Dan Dierdorff?  Good thing he's doing the Vikings' game.  They deserve him.

By the way, the REAL "Bridge to Nowhere" now links Nebraska and Iowa.  Figure it out.

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