Sunday, September 14, 2008

How Dumb Must You Be... be a banker?  So I'm watching the latest Wall Street crisis.  I'm not sure what lessons to take away from another old-line firm melting down except to find yet more confirmation in my observations that it's always bankers bringing up the tail end of the MBA school grade curve, even below those planning a career in hospital administration.

Unwarranted exuberance on the upside, financial constipation on the down, 'toxic' assets you don't understand and can't value...sounds like a perfect recipe for business success to me.  What we really need to see is bankers out on their pinstriped asses, losing their own houses, their kids going to community colleges, their spouses shopping at Wal-Mart...THAT'S when those dillwads'll get serious and figure things out.  And THAT'S when I'll know things are about to get better.  Dead cats bounce.  Maybe insolvent bankers do too.

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