Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Summertime...and The Livin' Is Easy...

Aren't you, like, TOTALLY bored by talk about the weather?  Well tough beans cuz, wow, the Great Suburban Outback's been invaded by one gentle front after another of perfect late-summer weather. 70s by day, 50s at night, light winds, sunny skies.   About as close to perfection as I'm likely to get.

I drove home from Chicago meetings late last night, under a full moon and a canopy of stars bright enough to read by...if you were so inclined.  I wasn't. The pool beckoned and I answered the call, reserving the book for another night.

Speaking of books, I've been saving Alan Furst's latest, "The Spies Of Warsaw," for some quiet time once the weather turns.  I love Furst's ambivalent,  atmospheric journeys through history's secrets.  They're late-night train rides into half-truths and double-crosses, furtive spies and venal spymasters, common men and women lost in events beyond their control or understanding.

Training, you ask?  Well, training is training.  Not bad...not great...just time in the saddle - as CoachKaryn calls it - and on the road and in the aforementioned pool. I need to get a race scheduled to lend some purpose to the mileage.  Stay tuned.

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