Saturday, August 16, 2008

Roger Bannister Didn't Wear Nikes... apparently we shouldn't either.  The San Francisco Chronicle dishes on high-tech gear pervading the Olympics.

"Technological change is a big part of the U.S. Triathlon team, whose members worked with a year-old Colorado-based company called Retul to fit bikes to bodies.

"' You can no longer just look at a static body structure," said Todd Carver, who runs Retul's biomechanical analysis program. "Everyone pedals a bike differently. So one guy who is 6 feet tall is going to pedal a bike differently from another guy who is 6 feet. We record movement. We adjust the bike to maximize power and improve aerodynamics."

Then there's Hyperdunk basketball shoes.  PreCool vests.  Spring-loaded track shoes.  Single-wear rice husk shoes for marathoners.  Michael Phelps' Speedo.   

Read the comments.  Apparently, some people aren't happy about the trend. "How is (it) different from steroids?"  "The (old farts) didn't use this stuff so we shouldn't either..."  "Wait!  Wait! This newfangled gear might actually work like it's supposed to, conferring an advantage to the user...isn't that unfair?"  

God, I love San Francisco.  What a goofy place.

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