Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Chinese Have So Little To Do They're Arguing With Sharon Stone

Well, hey, sometimes karma DOES suck and we SHOULD be nicer but, were I the Chinese government I wouldn't worry too much about her comments.  She's a lightweight, B-list airhead who gained her 10 seconds of fame whilst slowly crossing her legs...sans panties...and then complaining that she was, ummm, hung out there (in a manner of speaking) for the world to see.

Memo to Ms. Stone: I doubt that whoever said "it's better to keep quiet and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt" had you in mind, but it wouldn't hurt to pay some occasional attention to the sentiment therein.  And "close 'em" could apply to your legs too, though that particular kitty is long out of the bag (multiple puns WAY intended.)

Memo to the Chinese: don't you have earthquake residue to clean up or something?  And some minor-league sporting event to prepare for?  Stop arguing with nitwits or, as I'm inordinately fond of saying, never start a battle of wits with someone who's unarmed.

UPDATED UPDATE:  I learned that Ms. Stone is, allegedly, a MENSA member, with an IQ in the 140 range.  I'm sure lots of Hollygasm inhabitants are superficially intelligent.  Too bad their narcissism overwhelms everything else and they end up believing that every dumbass thought is worth saying and every opinion is worth two or twenty of yours and several hundred of mine.

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