Tuesday, July 03, 2007

On the Road Again

I'm putting the Great Plains behind me in favor of a few days in the Great Suburban Outback. Freshly home from six months in Europe, Tri-Daughter #3 is turning 21 and I've GOTTA be there for that! Holy Banana Cakes, how did 21 years go by so fast?

I can't decide whether to give myself over to the vagaries of airlines, air traffic controllers and the weather or to get in the Flying Lunchbox (as Tri-Daughter #4 so aptly named my new car), crank up the XM satellite radio and HEAD OUT ON THE HIGHWAY...LOOKIN FOR ADVENTURE...IN WHATEVER COMES MY WAY. Ooh, I think I gave myself a chill.

At the IRS-allowed 41 cents per mile it's cheaper to fly but I have a feeling I'm gonna be On the Road Again... See Ya! Be safe.

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