Friday, May 18, 2007

That Big Iceberg Down Below

This news item from Modern Healthcare (subscription required) mentions my Prior Place of Employment (PPE) thusly:

“A group of three health systems representing 56 hospitals have come together to create a joint quality initiative. The three systems, which include Wellmont Health System, Adventist Health System and Novant Health, have developed a program which leverages existing quality measures. Their "Safest Hospital Initiative" uses a template defining the characteristics of a safe hospital, which execs will use to implement critical practices for high-quality patient care. Among other features, the program is intended to give day-to-day caregivers more power, allowing them to fix problems as they encounter them rather than forcing them to push concerns up the chain of command. The systems, which generate $11 billion collectively, plan to implement these processes over the next two years.

Hmmm. So (insert name of PPE here) is gonna favor “caregiver empowerment” over the chain of command? Wow. Maybe Hell has frozen over, too. I better check…

Stupid Question 'O the Day: Why do people go to the top of tall buildings and pay money to look through telescopes at stuff on the ground?

Weekend Workouts: Lotsa biking and running and sweaty stuff. Maybe a masters swim tomorrow A.M. before the farmer's market and mimosas..

iPod Shuffle: "Take Me To the River", by Talking Heads, from "More Songs About Buildings and Food." New York new wave channeling Al Green gospel by way of CBGBs.

What I'm Reading: "Death and Judgment (Commissario Guido Brunetti Mysteries)" by Donna Leon. A true Venetian, Commissario Brunetti is a "complex man who loves his family and his work despite his jaded outlook. His multifaceted personality combines a humorously lugubrious melancholy, a rapier-sharp wit, a gentle heart, and a keen mind... makes him not only a fine detective, but also an engaging hero."

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