Monday, August 21, 2006

Skydive? Not!

A while back (December, 2005, actually) I posted 52 things you didn’t know about me. Number 8 mentioned my intent to skydive in 2006. After further reflection, nah, don’t think so. I’m content with the thrills in my life right now, and I ain’t leaving a perfectly good airplane unless it’s on fire, out of gas or missing a few critical parts - wings..tails…engines…that sort of thing.

Accenture Chicago triathlon is this weekend. Good luck to all the racers, in this, one of my favorite races. Race hard, race safe and watch out for Lake Shore Drive’s speed bumps! See you in 2007.

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Geek Girl said...

I'll admit it--bungee jumping and skydiving are on my list of things not to ever do. I like a good thrill, but let's face it, if your equipment fails in a triathlon, the worst that happens is that you get a flat tire or thrown chain. In the former two I mentioned, you DIE.