Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Had a great time on Sunday morning riding in the 2006 Corporate Cycling Challenge. It was a beautiful day for a moderately-paced, 42 mile ride to Fort Calhoun and back. I learned a new route and made 2,500 new friends. I was able to do a little pace line riding when I wanted to (which wasn’t very often), and a lot of aero solo TT riding the rest of the time.

And, no, my new Great Plains home isn’t flat, thanks for asking. I’m finding that the cycling and running terrain is impressively hilly – much more so than what I left behind in the Great Suburban Outback. My PowerTap indicated an average of 165 watts at the turn-around point, and 150 for the entire ride. CoachKaryn wants my power output at around 80-90% of my 185 peak so I was somewhere in the ballpark (though I must’ve slacked off on the way home. I’m blaming a stretch of really bad road…)

If you see photos of the event, I was the one in the RED jersey.


Spokane Al said...

I have been wanting to tell you that I am really glad that you are back in blog land. Your comments have been missed.

Welcome back!

Comm's said...

i want to see pictures of the powertap