Monday, March 06, 2006

Just Who Is "Oscar" Anyway?

Lots of bloggers simulblogged the Oscars (see Althouse, for one.) I actually watched the show for the first time in, oh, 20 years.

Apparently nobody told poor Jon Stewart that he'd be hosting in front of a catatonic audience of prissy, over-dressed twits. I thought he was great and, if the early morning headlines mean much, so did most of the country outside of Hollywood. He even took the requisite jab at Russell Crowe: "A little surprised 'Cinderella Man' didn't win [for best makeup]. Imagine the difficulty of making Russell Crowe look like he got into a fight." That's a funny line no matter where it's delivered, though apparently not to the Academy's constipated squirrels.

Of course the audience loved George Clooney's response to Stewart, mostly self-congratulatory blather about (grossly paraphrasing here) how Hollywood has been on the front lines of social change since the 1930's. A good speech on Clooney's part, though demonstrably untrue. But, Hollywood being what it is, truth is always up for grabs. Thanks, George, for reminding us of the only real truth about the place.


Comm's said...

this is the first year I really didn't care for the oscars, whether it be the theme of the movies or the not supposed to notice the theme about the movies but we will hype on it anyway. I didn't see any of the best pict. when will they have an oscar for best guilty pleasure movie.

Vertical Man said...

Good points, Comm. There really should be a "guilty pleasure" movie. I didn't see any of the 5 finalists, though "Walk the Line" is a definite DVD rental, as is "Good Night and Good Luck."

Flo said...

I found Clooney's comment laughable. Hollywood's been on the front lines since the 1930's!!!! Doesn't he realize most of peoples attitudes are shaped by movies and TV. Look how movies portrayed minorites and gays for years. This shaped peoples views of them and now Hollywood is saying those views are wrong. Give me a break.

I quit watching the Oscars years ago because watching famous people just cause they are famous is not my thing. I couldn't care less about Hollywood or the movies.