Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Westward Ho!

An internationally-known executive-search firm interviewed me this morning for a job I can't discuss in a city I can't name. Suffice it to say though, the job would require relocation to a place my father used to call paradise, map-makers refer to as the Great Plains and I remember mainly as a place to grab a 2:00 A.M. coffee on the way from the Great Suburban Outback to Keystone, CO.

Anybody know what the triathlon training and racing environment looks like, oh, say about halfway between here and Denver?

What about in Hawaii?

'Cause in the meantime I've got a consulting proposal pending for a gig in...get this...are you ready...wait for it...HAWAII! Yay for me. Anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months. Maybe the aforementioned permanent job will wait for me to return mainland-side (assuming that I do return...) Think of training on the Kona course all day. Every day.

Maybe I could go "native" like Paul Gauguin - minus the depression and drug abuse of course. And with a cool tri-bike. And a surfboard. Ahhhhh.


mipper said...

oh goodness... if it is in any of the states i think it is... take Hawaii and don't look back! is there really any comparison? ;)

Flatman said...

Do you need a full-time training partner/assistant???

bunnygirl said...

The Hawaii gig sounds awesome! I am so in the wrong line of work!