Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Stupid Question Of the Year

I remember myself as a youthful college student, double-majoring in economics and communications. That's about all I remember, apparently, except how to give a great speech on arcane and totally useless and really boring statistics and economic formulae. I've also retained an abiding, cackling interest in the stupid antics of what the blogosphere has come to refer to as the MSM - MainStream Media.

On that note, I think I heard right during White House Press Secretary's press conference on why/how/when Vice-President Cheney blasted a fellow hunter, when a reporter asked something along the lines of "Would it have been worse if the man had died?"

Ummm. (Long pause to make sure I heard the question right)

OK. Probably it would have been worse, yessirree.

Someone deserves a refund on that J-School tuition.

1 comment:

mipper said...

LOL... i'm astounded by that question.

uh... no, we were thinking it would be wonderful had the man died and then we could just dump his body in the river so no one would know.