Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The WIBA/SEBA Dream Team

Thanks to all who "volunteered" to join the Dream Team for Wisconsin Ironman Brick Adventures (WIBA) and Steelhead Epic Brick Adventures (SEBA) 2006. And a fine team it is turning out to be.

First there's DJGOLDNBOY who will bring his Cat 2/3 bike racer friend along just to make the rest of us feel REALLY slow. Lisa and Michelle are IMMOO hopefuls (Michelle - I need the link to your blog if you have one.) Of course there's Wil and Shelley. CoachKaryn has clients other than yours truly doing IMMOO 2006 who I'm sure will be "required" to show up. Maybe we'll even get CoachKaryn herself out there. And Intrepid Training Partner, of course.

Apparently we're all up for a great adventure, we all live in reasonable proximity to Madison and/or Benton Harbor and we'll all buy the occasional libation. Works for me. And just so all you SEBA participants know, SEBAs end at our house in SW Michigan. That's where the pool, jacuzzi, lake, ski boat and libations are. 'Cause even tri-geeks cannot live on gels and Gatorade alone.


Comm's said...

Your last two sentence could be the foundation of of a great book.

Wil said...

Cool!! can't wait for these parties. But chill please, or you're going to be teleporting by the time these bricks come around, and THEN who am I going to ride with?

Oh yeah, THESE GUYS!