Thursday, November 10, 2005

C'Mon Maggot! Drop and Give Me 20!

I did Boot Camp for an entire year to train for my first triathlon and blogged about it here. Now, according to MSNBC, the geniuses in West Hollywood, CA have made boot camp workouts a "gym staple." Yay.

Two things to look for in determining whether a trend has run its course: (1) Trendoid Californians jump on a bandwagon and claim it for their very own, and (2) The lazy-ass Mainstream Media "discovers" the bandwagon and "reports" on it.

Sorry, Boot Camp; the writing's on the wall. I'll miss ya.


tarheeltri said...

So true, that's why I'm getting my Ironman in now. In a few years, Oprah will run one and instead of people saying, "Wow! You did that?!?!?" they'll say, "Oh yeah, didn't Oprah run one of those?"

Comm's said...

boom tarheeltri, outta the gate with pearls of wisdom.