Monday, October 31, 2005

Training Schedule for October 31 - November 6, 2005

This is Week #2 of Base 1. Total training hours are at 8:25.

  • Monday: Swim 1:00; Strength 0:45
  • Tuesday: Run 0:45
  • Wednesday: Run 1:00
  • Thursday: Day off for active recovery
  • Friday: Strength 1:00; Run 0:30
  • Saturday: Bike 1:00; Swim 1:00
  • Sunday: Run 1:30

Monday's swim is a 4X500, each with a slightly different focus. The first 500 focuses on my arms entering the water wider on both sides as Karyn tries to correct a tendency to pinch my shoulders. Second 500 is pull, focusing on getting my hips and chin to move together as I breathe. Third is distance per stroke, where I try to hold the stroke count per 25 1 stroke under my normal count of 18. Final 500 is more pull with a focus on weak side breathing.

Tuesday's run throws in 5X20 second strides at my 400m pace - something less than all-out.

Wednesday's run calls for 8 hill repeats at a local Forest Preserve.

Friday's strength workout starts with an insane number of lunges and squats and finishes with core and push-ups off of a stability ball.

Saturday's bike is just an easy, recovery spin. The day's swim begins with a 600 warmup as 150 free/50 stroke x 3. The main set is 4 x 100's as: 50 kick/50 free. Then 12 x 50's as: (3 drill/3 free) x 2. Then 2 x 200's pull, moderate, breathe every 3rd. The cooldown is 3 x 150's as 50 kick/50 drill/50 swim, all easy. 2,500 meters total

Sunday's run is described as a 10 mile progressive tempo run. The first and last 2 mile segments are warmup and cooldown respectively, leaving 3X2 mile segments to descend the pace from around my 1/2 marathon pace to my 10K pace.

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nancytoby said...

How come you get "Day off for active recovery" and I just slack for a day? Not fair!!