Sunday, October 30, 2005

Spring Has Sprung, Fall Has Fell...

...winter's coming and it's cold as hell...but not yesterday! Nope, yesterday was a glorious fall day in the Great Suburban Outback. Today's supposed to be even better. The sugar maples blaze with yellow and orange fire and temperatures flirt with 70 degrees. Light breezes stir it all up.

Karyn's schedule called for a 90 minute recovery ride - 60 minutes if I had to ride indoors on the trainer. Indoors? Pah! The sun and the roads were calling me for what could be the year's last outdoor ride and I couldn't disappoint. Off I went for some small chain-ring, 90+ RPM spinning and grinning. What a ride. What a day.

And since night follows day it couldn't just end there, could it? At 7:30 or so, with only DamnDog and Cat the Ripper for company and nothing good on TV, I looked around and remarked "Hey, Vertical Man, the entire Great Suburban Outback is just outside your door. So get off your ass and do something about it." So I did. I always listen to good advice. Especially when I'm the one giving it, though admittedly THAT doesn't happen very often.

Off I went to the trattoria of recent Mom fame (see the Merlot-related post below) 'til closing. Then, in the company of several friends, across the street to an "ale house" 'til it too closed. Finally, back across said street to an Irish pub 'til IT closed...notice a theme here? Me too. Anyway, it was a blast. Good food, good friends, good times and the band at the Irish place rocked. Best of all, I really got home at 2:00 A.M. since we set the clocks back last night. Some nonsense about saving daylight, as if that was possible.

Oh, the Irish pub where my day finally ended? It started there yesterday too, 20 hours earlier, as I spent the morning volunteering at a charity pancake breakfast. I don't eat sausage, but I sure can cook 'em. And I push a mean broom. Thanks, ITP! Volunteer me more often.

Today it's apple pie for breakfast followed by a 14 mile, 2:15 run under even better weather conditions than yesterday. Gotta get it out of the way so I can watch da Bears pretend they have an NFL-caliber passing game. I'll eat some more apple pie and take a loooooong nap. ITP has trained me well.

Speaking of ITP, y'all need to get on her case for being an even bigger blog slacker than me.

UPDATE: I'm back from my run and the Bears still suck. I definitely paid for last night's sins, though. Today's 14-miler was two hours and eight minutes of ugly and painful. But I learned an important lesson. Given my advanced age, I shouldn't stay out 'til 3:00 A.M. more then, oh, several times a week.

UPDATE #2: Commenter Wil questioned whether last night's antics represented some delayed return to fraternity house days. I think I can categorically say "NO" to that one. I attended fraternity-free Podunk College in Bug Tussle, MI. So if I'm living the frat house life it's for the first time.

UPDATE #3: da Bears won but they still suck. Sorry guys, being lucky is not the same as being good.


Wil said...

What are you, a frat boy again!? Guess you deserve it STILL for those killer sets yesterday. How many pies are left??

Vertical Man said...

Let's see. There is 1 pie left plus a rapidly diminishing part of a second pie. And there's no "again" for me being a frat boy since this is my first time!

mipper said...

well, at least you had fun. and at least you payed for it the next day. i would wonder if you were human if you did all of that "celebrating" and didn't feel it a little the next day. ;)

Comm's said...

no that is funny.