Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Take the Day Off, VM!

OK I did - take the day off, I mean. Friday was scheduled to be this week's day off, but I just didn't feel like doing anything today. I'm moving today's bike to Friday in favor of relaxing and enjoying the Great Suburban Outback's awesome weather.

Tonight is my regular pre-race massage, a tradition which I highly recommend. It may not make me any faster but it feels darn good and I am MUCH more relaxed about being slow. No more justification is needed, frankly.

Thanks to all of you for the dietary advice, cheesecake recipes, "Get your ass to the doctor" admonishments and offers for baked goods. Though I'm still not hungry, I think I'm making positive progress. And I am "getting my ass to the doctor" for one of those "turning 50" physicals in a few months. Can't wait. He'll probably cause me some unusual pain since I abandoned his softball team this summer in favor of Steelhead training. I'm sorry, Dr. Tom, but it could not be helped!

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