Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Girls Kick Ass (Part #1,297)

If you are a long-time reader of this blog (long-time being defined as more than 30 days) you will have noticed a "girls kick ass" theme cropping up now and then. It's a theme that's hard to escape given the estrogen fog thrown off by a Tri-Wife, 4 Tri-Daughters, DamnDog (a female Golden Retriever) and Cat the Ripper (a female cat of unknown and undoubtedly bizarre pedigree.)

So the other day I'm out for a run, feeling pretty punky and behind the curve, nothing much going on, and I decide to run a mile past my intended turnaround point because there's a water fountain at a local softball field. I find the field occupied by one of the great Suburban Outback's women's fast-pitch softball teams having an early-morning practice. Now I don't know how much you know about fast-pitch softball, but I played it in high school and college, and I can attest that hitting against a flame-throwing, softball-hurling pitcher is darn tough, regardless of the pitcher's gender.

Yet I have never seen anything like the young woman on the mound that day. She could absolutely BRING IT. She was throwing pure, unadulterated smoke; her pitches moved several FEET in seemingly random directions. Even when I had a young man's reflexes (assuming I ever did), I am not ashamed to say I'd have been WAY overmatched. Yep, girls kick ass and this one in particular would've kicked mine!

Hell, maybe I should call the Cubs. She's already better than most of their bums and I don't care if she throws underhand!

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