Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Bin 36 Takes Flight

One of the coolest things about Bin 36, last night's restaurant, is the opportunity to order "flights" of wine and/or cheese. Flights are small tastings of multiple selections, chosen from a lengthy list by you, by your server or from menu suggestions. I love delegating the choices to a knowledgeable server, especially when the server is Tri-Daughter #1.

For example, last night's cheese flight contained 6 selections:

  • Chevre, Redwood Hill, Sebastopol, CA (goat milk)
  • San Simone, Jesus Rey Perez, Galacia, Spain (cow milk)
  • La Rustichella Tartufi, La Rustichella, Friscati, Italy (sheep milk)
  • Sophia, Capriole, Inc., Greenville, IN (goat milk)
  • 10 Year Cheddar, Hook's Cheese Co., Mineral Point, WI (cow milk)
  • Colston Bassett Stilton, Neal's Yard, Nottinghamshire, England (cow milk)

A pretty far-flung roster: three domestic (California, Indiana and Wisconsin) and three international (Spain, Italy and England) contributed by generous goats, sheep and cows. So do you know what all that means? Me neither. That's why a great server is so important. I do know that my favorites were the 10 Year Cheddar and the Stilton. Yum.

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Comm's said...

a friend owns a local wine bar and my favorite lately is a shiraz called Fat Bastard. I so wish i can still eat cheese. curse this body of mine.