Sunday, July 24, 2005

Training Schedule for July 25-31, 2005

This is Peak, week #2. Total training hours are at 13:45.

  • Monday: Swim 1:15 (3-4X1,000)
  • Tuesday: Swim 0:45 (open water); Brick 3:45 (BT)
  • Wednesday: Swim 1:00 (2,400)
  • Thursday: Run 1:30
  • Friday: Bike 1:30
  • Saturday: Run 0:45; Swim 0:45
  • Sunday: Bike 2:30

This should be a fun week (ain't I one sick puppy?) I'm starting to feel what it's like to 'peak.' Monday's swim is a pacing and form workout. Tuesday's SEBA #3 is a Breakthrough (BT) workout, with a focus on pacing and nutrition/hydration. Wednesday's swim is an easy recovery swim with some drills. Thursday's run includes 5 minutes in heart rate zones 4-5a. Friday's bike is light effort and high cadence. Saturday's run includes 4X20 second strides to get things loose, then 6X(2 minute HARD intervals followed by 2 minute easy-to-moderate cooldowns.) The training week concludes with cruise intervals (5X6 minutes in HR zone 4-5a) on Sunday's bike.

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Wil said...

Lookin good! See you Tuesday - well, the back of you anyway ;)