Monday, July 18, 2005

Training Schedule For July 18-24, 2005

This is Peak, week #1. Total training hours are at 11:15.

  • Monday: Run 1:15
  • Tuesday: Swim 0:45; Bike 2:30; Run 0:30
  • Wednesday: Swim 1:00
  • Thursday: Run 0:45; Bike 1:00
  • Friday: Day off for travel and active recovery
  • Saturday: RACE! Pewaukee Lake Olympic-Distance Tri
  • Sunday: Bike 1:00

I think I'll be doing SEBA #2 (Steelhead Epic Brick Adventure #2) alone on Tuesday. I'll be getting a pre-race massage after Wednesday's swim. Friday is a travel day; I'm staying in a totally cool B&B in Whitewater, WI for the weekend. Saturday's race will be my last test before Steelhead. Sunday's bike is just to keep the legs spinning and me vertical.

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