Monday, July 18, 2005

My Trip Through Hell, Part 2

Today was UGLY, emphasis on the 'Ugh.' Lots of generalized ickiness to contend with: monsoons, lightning, heat, humidity and plagues of locusts. Well, I don't know what kind of bugs they were, but they were definitely a plague. Funny; just 90 miles away, the Great Suburban Outback is suffering from a drought of near-epic proportions and here I am growing gills.

I slogged through a 7.2 mile, 1:20 run, though my energy levels were noticeably down a few quarts after yesterday's bike. That's about an 11:00 pace, undoubtedly the slowest run I've had in several years. But I made it home, rehydrated, took a nap and now things are looking up. What's for dinner? Oh, right. Whatever I make. Silly me.


mipper said...

i hope you ordered take out. you need some REST! gotta stay strong and verticle for this weekend. aren't you supposed to be tapering? take care!

tri-mama said...

We've been living in hell's armpit this last 9 days. 90 + temps, 96%humidity and goodness knows the dewpoint. Finally cooled down here Mon and running was good, again. Keep cool and healthy.

BTW, I like how you post your training schedule, it inspires me to be more organized in at least recording what I've done.