Sunday, July 31, 2005

Training Schedule for August 1-7, 2005

This is it: a week of pre-race tapering for Steelhead. Karyn told me that I'd feel like a caged animal by race day. I guess it's working since that's how I feel right now - with 6 days still to go.

  • Monday: Swim 1:00 (3,000)
  • Tuesday: Run 0:45; Bike 0:45
  • Wednesday: Bike 1:15
  • Thursday: Day off
  • Friday: Brick 0:45 (Swim 0:30, Bike 0:30, Run 0:15)
  • Saturday: RACE DAY!!!
  • Sunday: Day off.

Every day this week includes a focus on stretching, hydration and good, solid nutrition. Nothing fancy or new, nothing that might set me back or have me show up at the starting line in less than the best possible condition.

Monday's swim is an easy 3,000. Tuesday's run includes 4X90 second pick-ups; the bike is an easy, small chain-ring spin. Wednesday's bike throws in 4X90 second race-effort intervals. I'll get a massage Wednesday evening. Thursday is a day for travel, picking family up at the South Bend airport, finalizing my mental rehearsal and reviewing the plan one last time with Karyn. Friday's brick is a short swim, 30-minute bike and 15 minute run.

Saturday is where it all comes together, starting with a 4:00 A.M wakeup call. I'm sure that damn alarm will be the worst part of the day. Saturday afternoon (after we ALL finish vertically!) is the P-A-R-T-Y, which I may not be the life of, but a good time will still be had.

Karyn wants me to spend Sunday (1) staying off my legs, (2) eating healthy, (3) stretching and (4) re-hydrating. I rock at doing that stuff!


tri-mama said...

I constantly marvel and am challenged by the science that you have this down to, I am a little too "artful" in my training technique. This looks like a great week-can't wait to cheer you guys on!

Wil said...

You are so the poster boy for this stuff...geez. My week looks a lot less polished, but we do have the exact same schedule for Friday! My swim day is tomorrow, a little less yardage, but close.'s here, huh?