Sunday, July 24, 2005

Fleeting and Random Pewaukee Lake Impressions

Whitewater's Hamilton House B&B is a great place to stay.

Pewaukee's PianoBlu Restaurant is worth a return visit.

  • Big, sharp rocks at the swim exit aren't fun.
  • Any tri course crossing 3 different sets of very active train tracks is poorly laid out.
  • The bike course was perfect for determining firsthand just how much of America is being bulldozed for new subdivisions.
  • That last buoy looks FAR away when the .9 mile swim course is an out-and-back!
  • Thank goodness it's not as far as it looks.
  • A tip for race organizers: don't hide directional arrows in the weeds. Makes 'em hard to see.
  • Good thing I didn't know about this sea monster in the lake beforehand.
  • Also staying at the Hamilton House B&B were 10 women who had all attended University of Wisconsin-Whitewater together a few years ago. They were cool; on race day morning they were just getting home as I was getting up. Must've been quite a night!


Wil said...

Holy cow that place is beautiful!! And yikes on those rocks, glad you weren't all scraped up.

mipper said...

what a great place to stay. i always love you little "impressions" from each race weekend. they're all as good as your race reports.