Monday, June 20, 2005

Training Schedule for June 20-26, 2005

This is Week 4 of Build 2; total training hours (including Saturday's race) are at 12:45.

  • Monday: Bike 1:00; Swim 1:00 (3,000)
  • Tuesday: Run 6 miles; Swim :45 (2,500)
  • Wednesday: Bike 2:00
  • Thursday: Run :45; Strength :30
  • Friday: Swim :45; Stretching/yoga :30
  • Saturday: Race; Run :30
  • Sunday: Bike 2:30

This is the week I try to start building bike volume again after a three-week detour through the geezer-infested, muscle-aching weeds. Karyn would like Monday and Tuesday's swims to be open-water swims with a group, if possible. Anybody want to be my "group"?

And, notice the :30 run AFTER Saturday's race! There can be NO rest for the wicked while building volume for August 6. I must've been very wicked. Funny, you think I'd remember it.

It's now official, though. The pre-Steelhead freakout has commenced.

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Wil said...

Man, I'm in that boat - trying to bust out big yardage and bike miles, but getting tripped up. Still got seven weeks, right...