Monday, June 20, 2005

It's Official: Results for Downers Grove (IL) 10 Miler Race

From the official results web site:

  • My time: 1:13:44
  • My pace: 7:22/mile
  • My age-group place: 7th out of 31 finishers.

I needed to run 6:50 miles on that particular day to move into third place and medal territory. Not happening right now, but next year's race mantra is going to be "look out geezers, I'm coming to get ya!" I'll have another year of training under my belt. I'll pray for a slower field. And, I'll have had another birthday (crap!), turned 50 (WTF!) and thus moved up an age group (damn!)


Comm's said...

Way to many posts over the weekend to comment on them all. Get blogging Steve. I agree with you on the Durbin guy, scumbag. Great run. 7:30 was a pace I once had. I think I can get it back for 5k's this year but not a 10 miler, good lord.

Have a good training week and glad the back is back.

mipper said...

AMAZING time and pace! good job n your placement.

Wil said...

HOLY COW you're totally a machine -and you're racing again this weekend, just WOW!