Thursday, June 23, 2005

Maybe I Should Be 'Slacker Man'

No predictions, goals or targets for this weekend's race, beyond having fun and finishing vertically. There's a pattern developing: poor performance in high priority races, and good performance in races where I'm an almost-total slacker. So no more stressing, obsessing or worrying. In fact, maybe my new mantra should be "What, me worry?" Ah, I guess that one's taken.

I will, however, take a Magic Marker and write 6 letters on my left forearm: an 'F' for 'focus' to remind me to maintain my focus if one aspect of the race goes to hell, as it usually does; a 'C' for 'cadence' - get it high, keep it high; a 'D' for 'drink' - it's supposed to be hot, so stay hydrated. It should be second nature for me by now, but it's not; An 'E' for 'everybody hurts', so push through it and keep going; An 'R' for 'relax' because tense muscles waste precious energy; Finally, an 'S' to remind me to SMILE! I'm doing what I love and there's no place I'd rather be, no matter what.

FCDERS doesn't spell anything that I know of, at least not in English. But I'll know what it means.

A :45 run and a :30 strength workout will complete today's festivities. 6 weeks to Steelhead. How many ways can you spell F-R-E-A-K-O-U-T?


Flatman said...
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Flatman said...

Steve, don't "freak"

A stretch? I know - I'm a geek...

Wil said...

WOW! Flatman that was AWESOME! OK, do something with my name because Steelhead is SIX FREAKIN'WEEKS AWAY!!!!!!! OMG VM!

soccerdad said...

hey i just wanted to wish you and wil good luck tomorrow. stay cool!