Thursday, May 05, 2005

Swimming and Skipping to Galena

Today's swim was a reprise of April 18's workout, where the 1,500 main set (out of a 3,100 total workout) is swam as 275, 250, 225, 200, 175, 150, 125 and 100 with :10 rest intervals. My time of 31:01 was slightly slower than the 30:17 posted on the 18th. I tried to swim it faster but the extra effort only resulted in more thrashing and splashing, not more speed. I'll bet there's a bunch of form-improving drills in my future, right Karyn?

I also did a 40 minute run with some skip drills to work on cadence and foot speed. Anyone who thinks skipping is for kids has never incorporated it into their training. And, yes, you look like a dork while you're doing it. That's why you must keep repeating "This makes me faster! This makes me faster!..." while avoiding the occasional 6 year-old along the way.

With May 21 just around the corner, ITP and I are heading out tomorrow morning for a day of training on the Galena triathlon bike course. Smooth, pastoral and very hilly are apt descriptions. Ever had a herd of curious cows match your speed down a fence line? You will in Galena. It ain't Wisconsin but it smells like it.


Comm's said...

I have skipped, I have slushed like an ice skater, I have kicked my ankles to my glutes, all in the name of speed. Oh yes it works.

Vertical Man said...

Yes, it does work. I hope!