Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Report From the Tri-Brother

My younger brother is a rather accomplished triathlete who, incidentally, will probably be joining us at IMFL in 2006. Below is his race report from this past weekend's Gulf Coast Triathlon in Panama City, FL.

"You go into triathlon races expecting the best and sometimes things just don't work in your favor. All the prep work in the world can't help you. But sometimes even when things don't work in your favor you can see the silver lining. That is how I choose to look at what happened to me this weekend at the Gulf Coast Triathlon.

"I had everything checked out on my bike before the race and they said everything was fine. But coming into transition 1 from the swim I found a slow leak in my rear tire. Instead of changing it on the spot I pumped it up and took off. I knew I was going to have to stop every 15 miles to put more air into the tire but I figured it would be less time than if I changed the thing right there. That was my first mistake.

"Anyway, after stopping for the second time at around mile 29 to pump up my tire, I headed off. Somehow my right foot didn't get all the way clipped in and when I stood up to hammer my right foot clipped out. I lost control of the bike and crashed extremely hard. I landed first on my head then my entire right side. I'm now a firm advocate of helmets. Fortunately some woman stopped behind me and made the other bikers aware that I was down. I guess I laid there for about 5 minutes. I frankly don't remember. Somehow, she finally got me to move to the side where they made me stay until the medics got there. Somehow I talked them out of taking me in. I wanted to finish the race.

"I pieced my bike together while the medics watched. I guess they wanted to see if I could function. Anyway, 30 minutes later, with blood, bruises, scratches, severe road rash on my hip, and dangling skin, I was back in action. No other place I'd rather be. Finishing the race was SWEET SATISFACTION!

Silver lining number one. I was having a monster race to that point. I didn't know it at the time, but I was on pace to have a chance to win my age group. Silver lining number two. Even with a hip that was bruised, and hurt with every step of my right foot, I ended up having the 2nd fastest run time.

Bring on EAGLEMAN baby!!"



mipper said...

wow! that's incredible. how's he recovering from the spill? hope all is well. kudos to your brother!

Flatman said...

What age group is Wally in? I don't need any more competition! Just joking. That's awesome that he had enough guts and heart to continue after something like that!

Way to go Wally!!!

Comm's said...

That is very inspirational.

All of us have had circumstances like Wally's though not as painful or bloody, that make us consider quitting our desired goal.

Like your brother has learned, to do big things, to reap big glory (not big gory), you have to enter the pain zone sometimes and diffently have something wrong with your head.

Wil said...

WAY TO GO WALLY! See, I bet it's in the DNA - you don't have to worry about Steelhead!

Vertical Man said...

Wally's 44, turning 45 in July (new age group?) As to his condition, I'm pretty sure he's fine, after taking a few days R&R on the beach.

Shelley said...

Just another piece of proof how tough Ironpeople are..way to go!!

FTL said...

After reading your brother's bring on Eagleman statement, i had to check the Eagleman site. Would he be the "Wallac Davis" from Alexandria? I saw some sick times for WC for a couple of races. Gunna have to stay out that guy's way. He's in my age group. I figure it will be a close race until the start.

Vertical Man said...

His name is Wallace Davis and he is from Alexandria, VA so that's probably him. He got the speed in the family and I got the looks! Hah!