Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Back At It...Sorta

Tuesday morning dawned clear, bright and warm. My training plan called for a track workout with 6X800's (400 recovery) run at a 6:30 min/mile pace, with a 1.5 mile warm-up and cool-down, but it wasn't happening - at least not today. I moved the workout to the weekend and substituted a long, aerobic 10-mile run which better suited my temperament and state of ill-health.

Don't know what it was, but during the easy 10 miles my heart rate was a good 15-20 BPM higher than usual. Karyn says that can be a symptom of fatigue, overtraining or an impending illness. I'm hoping it's one of the first two. Unfortunately, it's probably the latter.

Two tri-daughters are home from college, bringing with them loads of dirty laundry and whatever pathogens are being passed around campus. And the tri-wife has been feeling poorly, too. If the bug hits I hope it hits - and runs - well before the Galena tri on the 21st. I'm going to spend some time in Lifetime's sauna after tomorrow's swim and hope to burn whatever's brewing right outta my system.

I did get a good 90 minute bike ride in this evening and felt OK, though the ride took me 3 hours to complete as I kept running into friends from my Prior Place of Employment and, of course, had to catch up. Wow. I didn't miss that world and now I don't miss it 10 times as much as I never missed it before, if that makes any sense.

Now a sidenote: this week's U2 concerts in Chicago are meeting with resounding critical and fan disdain. Bloated, boring and self-indulgent are the kindest things I've heard. Interesting how far and how fast the band has fallen, though I can't say I disagree. It's too bad, though probably inevitable. They had a coupla pretty good decades; now it's time to go away. Are ya listening Mick?


mipper said...

get lots of rest. hope the sauna works. and even though i have never seen U2 in concert, i would surely agree with whatever you are hearing. i see bono anymore and i just want to yell at the tv "shut up and go count your millions and stop making us feel bad for buying nike sweatshop stuff!" oh my, that felt better. good blog and good therapy. thanks again steve! :)

Comm's said...

I don't know how I have not been on your site in 48 hours. you have got some great posts up. I too skip over to the Hubble site for updates. My step-grandma was the first female astrophysicist at NASA in the 50's, so some of that rubbed onto me as a fancy, I am in the fitness business and that is definitely not rocket science.

Wil said...

I hear you on U2. I used to love them and it really seems as if they've sold out. Target ads, of all the things...Oh, U2...what has become of you?