Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Peter Green Rocks

While getting ready for today's 1:00 run, my iPod shuffled to some early, early, early Fleetwood Mac tunes. 'Early' means before F-M became mega-hitmeisters and Stevie Nicks turned into an annoying gasbag. Before Bob Welch and 'Bare Trees.' Before, well, before most of you were even conscious.

'Early' as in when Peter Green played guitar. Green has been described as talented, intriguing, misunderstood and enigmatic. He surely was all of those, even while being elevated to the blues guitar pantheon occupied by Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page. But B.B. King is reported to have called him simply "the best." And he surely is that, too.

So ditch "Rumours." Away with "Tusk." Do yourself a favor and spend some time in the "Kiln House."

And away I go...

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