Tuesday, April 19, 2005

9 Secret Superfoods

From the May, 2005 Triathlete magazine, here are 9 "secret superfoods" and my editorial comments:

  • Sardines. Um, OK.
  • Mackeral. Ditto.
  • Walnuts. In small doses.
  • Tofu. Blech.
  • Prunes. Right.
  • Kidney Beans. Only with ground beef, tomatoes and chili fixins'.
  • Garlic. Ever made 40 garlic chicken? A fav.
  • Barley. Only malted, with hops and water.
  • Yams. Hey, yam this.


Oldman said...

Nothig better than salted mackeral for breakfast with a side of prune juice. For lunch I love kidney beans over garlic barley. Often for dinner I have sardines appetizers, with tofu hotdogs and french fried yams... where do they get this stuff?

Flatman said...

As Wil would say..."Guh!"

Sounds nasty to me!

Wil said...

Definitely, guh! I saw this article and thought the same thing...these foods might do great things, but that is assuming you can actually eat them.

soccerdad said...

food is my biggest obstacle in training, and that article is a prime example of why. kidney beans? yams? TOFU??? are you kidding me? no way. i'll pass.
as it has been so eloquently stated before: guh!