Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Another 'Don't Got It" Day

As I've said before, some days ya got it, some days ya don't. Today was a huge 'don't got it' day. The worst. I must've spent too much time last night consoling Illini fans and not enough time sleeping. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I was supposed to begin today's 45-minute run workout by warming-up for a mile or two and then doing 4X800 at my 10K pace, i.e. around 7:30 minute miles. Well, I knew immediately upon leaving the driveway that it was NOT happening. No way, no how. Uh-huh. I don't know where my energy, my legs and my speed (such as it is) were, but I'm guessing they were all still in bed where I should have been. So I slogged through 6 slow, miserable miles, actually stopping twice to walk, and came home.

I sat in the sun for a while contemplating how 4X800's could kick my ass and then did part two of the workout: a 30 minute, easy spin bike ride. Outdoors again, and it was so nice I rode for an hour.

Now I'm home waiting for the tri-wife and tri-daughter #4 to roll in, tan and refreshed, with a mountain of laundry to do and great stories to tell. I'm making them a welcome home dinner: roasted chicken with vegetables, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, and a great apple pie for dessert. And no, I didn't make the pie. I bought it. Thanks for asking.


Comm's said...

That dinner sounds great. Tonight is my Men's Health dinner from the article, "A man..a plan..a can",

So happy you are able to get outside. In Phoenix its almost time to go back inside. Isn't that kinda funny.

Wil said...

Yeah, some days are like that - but at least you upped the bike workout, that kind of compensates.

And your 10K pace is awesome, you've got a minute on me. I'll get there (hopefully by August 6th!)

Oldman said...

Apple pie is so easy to make why cheat and buy one?

Seriously some times the run just doesn't click. You need to listen to your body and not push.

White Salamander said...

Planets must have been all screwed up yesterday as my run was also a disaster. 3 miles only and I felt like crap the entire time. Of course it was in the 80's so that might have had something to do with it.

Hmmm Apple Pie

Vertical Man said...

I know, I know, apple pie is easy to make. I wussed out. What can I say?